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Code of Conduct

April 2024


LGBT+ Lit Fest Committee (the Committee) would like to provide a welcoming space where attendees feel comfortable and safe from harm. We have therefore agreed the following code of conduct to be adhered to by all attendees, members and group organisers of our virtual Book Club and LGBT+ Lit Fest meet ups and events.




Allow others the opportunity to join in and talk if they wish to but respect their right to not join in/talk if that is what they prefer.


Everyone has the right to not answer personal questions.


Respect that LGBT+ Lit Fest virtual Book Club has a diverse group of attendees so their thoughts, opinions and experiences may differ from yours.




Engaging in physical contact is subject to the consent of all parties.


Anyone who declines to give consent will not be judged for doing so.


Physical contact can include, but is not limited to: hugging, kissing, shaking hands, general touching.




Any kind of behaviour that exhibits prejudice, whether or not it is directed at any specific person, will not be tolerated. This includes making assumptions about people, implying their inferiority or treating them with less respect, on the basis of any characteristic associated with marginalisation, oppression or discrimination.


This includes but is not restricted to discrimination of individuals due to their: age, disability, body shape/size, gender history, marital/civil-partnership status, pregnancy/maternity/paternity status, race, religious or philosophical belief, gender, sex, sexual orientation, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, social class/caste, asylum/immigration status, mental health, political affiliations, viral status, health status, care responsibilities or criminal conviction.

Discrimination is often something we do without thinking about it. Please be aware that you can hurt people without realising it and listen if you are asked to stop or change the words you are using.


Repeated discrimination or abuse after being asked to stop will lead to being banned from group events and meet ups.




Please respect all the privacy of all attendees, members and organisers.


It is expected that everything said at a meet up or event remains confidential unless express permission is given.


Other people may not be out about their orientation or other personal matters, or it may be limited who they are out to. Do not out people without their permission.


Permission must be given for any photos to be taken and/or shared.


Duty of Care


LGBT+ Lit Fest Committee have a duty of care to all attendees, members and organisers. As such, if it is felt by an organiser or the Committee that someone is at risk of harm to themselves or others, confidentiality may be disregarded.


Breach of Conduct


If you feel an attendee, member or organiser has breached the LGBT+ Lit Fest and Virtual Book Club – Code of Conduct, please contact the Committee on The matter will then be investigated by the Committee. Please see LGBT+ Lit Fest – Complaints, Comments and Compliments for more information.


Any breaches of conduct will be taken seriously and may lead to a ban from all LGBT+ Lit Fest meet ups and events.

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