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  • Leeds LGBT+ Literature Festival

The Bisexual Agenda - Bisexual Bookworms

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

As part of Leeds Virtual LGBT+ Literature Festival, one of our organisers, Emily, joined The Bisexual Agenda podcast to talk about bi+ representation in books.

Check out the Bisexual Bookworms on Soundcloud, Spotify and Apple Podcasts. You can also check out their previous episodes and don't forget to subscribe to them so you don't miss an episode!

You can also follow The Bisexual Agenda on Instagram.

Content warnings for information discussed by book:

They both die in the end: death Girl Woman Other: transphobia, biphobia The Colour Purple: mentions of abuse/sexual assault Harry Potter: Anti Semitism, JK’s transphobia (no details), Snape being a creep/stalker Death of the Author: mentions of Woody Allen & Tarantino (no details) The Bi-ble: chronic illness and sex In the Dream house: emotional abuse, biphobia, intimate partner violence, survivors of abuse, gaslighting An Absolutely Remarkable Thing: biphobia, bi-erasure Tarot: Mental health struggles Bi agenda: bi-erasure, biphobia, bi tropes, “bury your gays” (two bi women are murdered in a book series), transphobia, queer coded villains, homophobia, food, birth, trans pregnancy

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